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Hello! You can call me Ms. Ying. I am currently an after school teacher in Los Angeles. With 8 years working experience in the education industry and over 1000 hours 1 on 1 private tutoring experience, I am very familiar with the contents taught at schools from k to 12, math and biology in particular, and the difficulties that international students all facing in their daily academic life. \n\nNo matter if you are an elementary school, middle school or high school student, if you don’t understand what your teacher talked about at school, what requirement is for the homework, the meaning of a homework question, etc. Or if you have an upcoming test that you need help to prepare, or you want to learn next semester's content in advance, I am here for you.\n\nI receive lots of good credits from my previous 1 on 1 students. References are available. I am ready to help you wholeheartedly. 您好!我是一家课后辅导机构的老师,被学生们称为Ms. Ying。我熟悉加州数学和生物教材,更了解中国教材的教学内容,中英双语。我同时已兼职了4年1000多课时的一对一私教(数学,生物)。所辅导的学生和家长对我有很高的赞誉(可提供联系供参考)。我处事认真,责任心强,以学生为中心,可正式授课加布置作业,也可辅导学校作业,看学生需要和反应。学生年级从小学到高中,各种程度都可以。授课方式可以网络或者见面授课。我相信能帮助得到您!


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