Li Yuanyuan

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I am currently studying accounting at University of Texas, Dallas, I am first year master student. As an undergraduate student in the United States, I applied for my current program during the senior year of my undergraduate and received an offer at the end of the last semester, and the school awarded me $ 10,000 tuition scholarship. Through the application process, I understood how to modify resume to meet the requirements of the school application, and how to apply for schools according to their requirements. I have the ability to help students improve their resume, in flexible conditions to help them get their favorite school offer.\n\nAs a result of four years of undergraduate study in the United States, I met students from all over the United States, I have enough resources for students to directly contact the alumni of the schools, and to help them better understand the school and receive the offer after school choice.\n\nAs a US undergraduate student, I am familiar with the US elective system, and rational use of my graduate elective arrangements. According to my ability, and the requirements of graduation time, I developed a year of graduation plan. I also have enough confidence to believe other students can arrange time and improve efficiency. A 3.7 undergraduate GPA proved that I also have the ability to provide undergraduate students elective views, and how to arrange class hours, so they can achieve both a better experience of American university life and a smooth and timely graduation. In this case, I became a member of Beta Alpha Psi, a national academic organization, that made a lot of fun for my college life.\n\nI also met many local American students and learned a lot about American local events and I often attended local volunteer’s activities such as distributing food for homeless, volunteering at local music festivals, and so on. Many Chinese students think it is very difficult to join the American community, or simply did not dare to take this step, I believe that under my guidance, many students just entering college life in the United States can find their own campus organization, integrate into the US campus life, and get out of the comfort zone!


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