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YLB Internship Recommend–Enterprise Recruitment

Searching for interns or bilingual elite? Need the most reliable talent pool?

Program Introduction

The 2019 YLB Internship Recommend, led by experienced U.S. mentors, invites Silicon Valley elites, financial professionals, and global top 500 companies, to provide targeted online and offline training, such as career planning, skill guidance, etc. for international students. Students can customize their training, network with professionals and be matched to internship opportunities. This program will allow students to acquire real skills and experiences as well as build their interpersonal relations.

The Internship Recommend needs your participation ——
Enterprise Recruitment

We are looking to recruit elite mentors and enterprises to help students in career development. We welcome you to join the 2019 YLB Internship Recommend!

Participation Contents

Enterprise should provide some internship posts for the Internship Recommend, and should design the contents of internship together with the career planning consultant of YLB, which will not only make students closely experience the career life in America, but also let them work efficiently in the enterprises. During the entire plan, YLB will provide the enterprises with comprehensive performance assessment for free, so that enterprises can more accurately find the talents they need.

Welfare for Enterprises

1 Recruit talents and bilingual elites for free

2 Promote enterprise brand, participate in online and offline recruitment fair for free

3 Huge talent pool with mass selection

4 Collection of training subsidies

5 Agency service of recruitment provided by YLB (optional)

Project Advantages

1Recruit talents for enterprises for free

2Match talents for enterprises for free

3Provide training, including induction training on talents for enterprise free of charge

4Collection of training subsidies

Process for Student Program

Process for Enterprise Participation

Requirements on enterprises

Enterprise scale: From startup to listing companies, no requirement on enterprise scale

Work environment: on-site work place is required

Location: In China or the United States

Others: Enterprises in the United States should provide the offer letter, for students to handle the CPT.