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Case Manager

  • Company:Healthcare Company
  • Type:Full-Time
  • Industry:Hospital & Health Ca
  • Time:2019-01-03
  • Address:Foster City, CA

Post Description

Based in Silicon Valley, this company’s purpose is to make the best physicians available to everyone, wherever they are. Today, this company brings Co-Diagnoses and Independent Second Opinions from the top U.S. Physician Specialists to people around the world rapidly and securely.

Our Case Management Department is now recruiting two full-time case managers for patient case processing and related work. There’s a three-month period of probation for new recruits.

Position Requirements:

·       Master’s degree in biology, medicine, or a related field

·       Preferred research or study experience on Cell Signaling Pathways and/or Drug Development/ biomedicine field

·       Excellent oral and written communication skills both English and Mandarin.

·       Ability to be flexible with assigned hours and shifts

·       Proficiency in Word and Excel

·       Knowledge in accessing and using the internet.

·       Preferred experience working in a hospital

·       Passionate about helping patients and improving medical communication


·       Serve as a member of the case management team

·       Process cases and assist patients and service providers in problem-solving

·       Write articles about current medical progress.

·       Translate and proofread medical records and medical communications in English and Chinese

·       Communicate with business partners to actively support new business and business retention

·       Establish and maintain professional boundaries with staff and clients at all times.

Work Environment:

·       Regular attendance required

·       Extensive computer and telephone work in an office environment

·       Some travel may be required.