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YLB Education Technology Inc. aims to create a career development platform for international students

By connecting employers and international students to provide employment opportunities

  • Job Opportunity

    Here, we have plenty of job opportunities waiting for you; high salary and paid annual leave. Moreover, tutor and corporate accounts can release job opportunities as well.

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  • Internship Recommend

    The YLB Internship Recommend, led by experienced U.S. mentors, invites elites from Silicon Valley, finance, world top 500 companies, and overseas companies.

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  • Our Services

    Our services include resume guidance, where you pick from one of our many professional mentors. Our mentors come from experienced backgrounds to provide you with detailed resume guidance.

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  • Our Mentors

    Here at YLB, we have many professional, caring, and well-certified mentors, who provide international students with services such as guardianship, education enrollment and transfer, and career development.

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  • Career Development Tips

    Topics include: 10 key factors to help you find the right direction for your career, teaching you how to plan for personal growth and career development, helping you improve your strengths and discover your potentials, and more.

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